It's what SUSTAINS us.


Polæ engineered the world’s first generative energy source, polæmer. Our consumption is carbon-negative.

  And we’ve increased our capacity to provide sixty-seven percent (67%) of energy consumed in North and South America, and nearly ninety percent (90%) in Europe. Polæ’s energy, materialized goods, devices and transportation have a net-positive impact on our natural environment.



Using nanotechnology to refine heavy and rare metals extracted from asteroids, our own moon and Mars means that Earth is safe from any major environmental catastrophe arising from energy production.  

Our first Tethered Orbit Refinement Station, TORS I, ascended into orbit in 2034 over the state of Amapa, Brazil. 

TORS II, anchored in the Pacific Ocean, rose into the exosphere in 2038, eliminating the need to exploit any of Earth’s own resources for Polæ’s energy uses for all future generations.



Polæ’s energy distribution is so efficient, a family of four will need only one delivery per year, in a cannister the size of a soda can. And we do all the heavily lifting, providing delivery and service with our extensive network of intelligent vehicles.

From space to sea to land, Polæ’s distribution brings carbon-negative energy to individual homes, businesses, and heavy industry.


Polæ has reversed damages brought on by prior generations, restoring eighty percent of Indian and Pacific Ocean coral reefs and decelerating ice cap melt-off by fifty percent.