It's what connects us.


Our vision has been to unite your digital and physical life with one device. Your complete digital environment fits around your finger, weighing in at less than half an ounce.

And Ring is so emotionally intelligent, it can respond as your assistant and confidant, enriching your experience with contextual data, and adding meaning discreetly and respectfully to your life.

It’s more than a device. It’s a companion.



A decade ago, we made telepresence a global reality.  Making a call is better then being in the same room.  

And Ring took to the air in 2032. Whether hovering quietly at your desk or flying beside you on your morning run, Ring’s flawless video captures in 360, both sides of the conversation and scene, in full lifelike fidelity.



Polæ leapt ahead in quantum computing in its founding days, establishing unsurpassed encryption standards  for personal data security. All Fortune 500 companies and the G4 are Polæ data compliant.

That same technology is on your finger with Ring. With haptic authentication, no one can use the device or gain access to your data without your physical presence.



In a Faraday space, no electromagnetic waves can enter or leave except through Polæ encryption.  There, you can rest assured that communication is one-to-one. Using the world’s most secure data networks in conjunction with Faradays means that you can be comfortable knowing that communication is more private than being in the same room.